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Below my slides describing some of the GTI research activities with and for Àgora – La Verneda Adult School, presented at a seminar on teaching innovation and social responsibility (Jornadas d’Experiències d’Innovació Docent; Responsabilitat Social i Aprenentatge Servei a la Universitat).


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I was in charge of coordinating the panel on “The Audience of MOOCs“, part of the XII Jornadas CRAI “MOOCs & CRAIs, el futuro ya es presente” (“MOOCs and Libraries and IT services at universities, future is already here”) last week.
It was a pleasure to count on with the participation in the panel of the invited speakers: Jennifer Dorner (Head, Instruction and User Services, Library. University of California Berkeley) and Lynne O’Brien (Associate Vice Provost for Digital and Online Education Initiatives. Duke University).

MOOC offer vs. MOOC audience.
The characteristics of the MOOC offer is clear. There are reports such as “MOOCs in Spain” (by the Cátedra Teléfonica – UPF, that I also presented in the Jornada), the European MOOCs Scoreboard by Open Education Europa, the courses listed in the MOOC platforms, and MOOC aggregators, …
However, the characteristics of the MOOC audience is not that clear. The data is fragmented, and the partial data available is raising a lot of debate. This is indeed a critical aspect for the creators of MOOCs: For whom are we designing the MOOCs?

There are two relevant facets in this question.
On the one hand, the expectations of the organizations, i.e. the audience expected or desired by the MOOC creators/ providers (the universities) that offer MOOCs serving specific purposes or strategies (a business model, a service to society, …)
And, on the other hand, there is the actual audience of the MOOCs, that is the demographics of the MOOC students/participants, their level of qualifications, their motivations (why they take MOOCs)…

The governing question for the panel was that it is unclear to what extent the actual audience of MOOCs matches up with the desired audience of MOOCs.
And I really appreciate that Lynne and Jennifer prepared interesting data (based on Coursera and EdX reports) and discussion points articulating an answer (or possible answers) to this question. I also asked them to discuss if they see that the current situation will change in the future or not, which are the challenges to be addressed, etc. Their slides are available here.

The conference included additional panel discussions and presentations, all the documentation is available here and the pictures.


Cátedra Telefónica-UPF news item.
GTI website news item.


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The Teaching Quality and Innovation Support Unit I coordinate at the Polytechnic School (ESUP) at Universistat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona (UPF) has presented a new  Web designed to disseminate academic videos generated in the context of our ESUP degrees (Bachelor’s degree in Telematics Engineering, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering).

The objective is to grow that website as a video channel context for the diffusion of academic contents relevant for student learning processes (related to the Bachelors’ Degree curriculum).

The videos have subtitles and transcripts in the UPF three official languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and have associated a Creative Commons licence. All videos are also available in the new Youtube USQUID Channel’s.

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A Study on Student Participation (University Life, student representation, transversal competences…) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona has been presented on Monday this week. (See impact in the Catalan press, administration, …)

I’m proud to belong to the interdisciplinary team of researchers that has carried out the study, together with Mariona Ferrer (Political and Social Sciences), Mònica Figueras (Communication), Carles Murillo (Experimental and Health Sciences), and Jordi Mir and Francisco Fernández Buey (Humanities). Other collaborators have been Jordi Estivill, Julia Nuño de la Rosa, Marc Guinjoan i Marc Sanjaume.

The study has been funded by the UPF Board of Trustees and directed and conceived by Emma Rodero (Vice-rector for Students), concerned about the process of student participation at the university. The study has been elaborated with the aim of analyzing its context, evaluating the current situation and proposing actions for improvement.

The book reporting the study is dedicated to the memory of Francisco Fernández Buey, professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at UPF and so many other things… Paco, is a reference for the people worried about the university since the 70’s till today. In his relation with the youngest and the society as a whole, he always supported “it would be better to listen them and collaborate with them when cleaning the ‘agora’. This is strongly needed”.

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This week the International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI 2012) is being held in Barcelona (at the Campus of Ciutadella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra).  The organizers asked me to chair and act as a “reporter” of the monographic session on Practicums/Final-Bach/Master-Projects. I strongly recommend to read the papers presented in this session, a summary of the main ideas that I used to introduce the session is available at slideshare.net/davinia.hl/pra.

Today, my colleague Verónica Moreno (from the Teaching Quality and Innovation Unit of our Polytechnic School) will be presenting our efforts around final-year engineering students mentoring first-year students.

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These are the slides I used in a recent teaching seminar on fostering students’ activity inside and outside the classroom (university level). This is a relevant topic in higher education, even more important now with the European Credits (ECTS) that focus on students’ dedication to learning activities.

Please, feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any idea around this topic!

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Enjoyable, intensive and fruitful meeting this week in Barcelona around a Higher Education innovation project on Final Degree Projects… (+ info)  Many thanks to all of the participants from 8 different Spanish universities!

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